The coach of the Polish national under-12 tennis team was right, Adam Mulinda when he was in an interview with Interia He considered Serbia the most fierce competitor for his players. Today’s match with the Balkan players was very dramatic and unfortunately ended in a 1: 2 defeat against the Polish team.

– I wanted to rest Zuzia GiżewskaWho played so long on Friday that she was ready for Sunday, so I put on my first single Antonina Snowchuska. Tosia was leading 5:4 and had a steady ball, eventually losing 5:7 with it Ina Ilic. In the second set, unfortunately, I lost 0: 6 – coach Adam Mulinda told us.

In the second song Maja Shweik serbian opponent, Andrea Popovic – 6: 1, 6: 1.

– There was nothing to collect. Serbka was very strong, but Maja is in a class of her own – she is the best participant in this tournament – praising our Polish coach “the number 1 racket”.

– We started doubles very well. The first we put our way – 6: 4. Then the level of concentration decreased, fouls, unused strikes, air balls, we lose this combination. Super inning is unfortunately a lottery, there were ups and downs, unfortunately we lost 7:10. Tomorrow we play with Latvia to enter the finals of the European Championship. It’s actually one or two things we play with Latvia if Great Britain, it’s a difference on an equal level. He’s optimistic that our best player is Maja Shweik She was already hitting the best Latvian she is Kisiga Berezina. We certainly will not give up without a fight – the coach of the Polish national team confirms, Adam Mulinda.

Maciej Słomiński, Interia

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