3 Maja Street in Włocławek will be a woonerf. City council provided details of the winning concept.

Watch the video: pedestrian attention! A phone ticket on the arcade.

Key Assumptions of the Winning Project of Sawawa Sp. z oo from Warsaw, was: protecting and displaying the historical space of 3 Maja Street by emphasizing its urban and architectural values, creating a friendly and safe area for all street users and creating a representative, multifunctional and attractive urban space, which will contribute to the activation of the service and interior partners of the buildings functionally connected to 3 Maja Street And Śródmieście

The street space has been adapted to the speed and comfort of pedestrian traffic. Pedestrians have privileged access to space in service interfaces, separate multi-functional port spaces and a line in the middle between rows of trees. The central part of the street in individual sections of the street and squares is also available for quiet (one-way) and bicycle traffic (two-way). However, these vehicles must move slower and give way to pedestrians, which is referred to as the way street space is arranged.

Watch the show(3 photos)

Also worth paying attention to are elements of small architecture, greenery, artistic motifs, and references to local traditions.

You can read the details of the winning concept, i.e. the panels and a broader description to enter the competition Here


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