The British government doesn’t really want you to know about these reports

Downing Street quietly released some bad news before the holidays

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The last days before the summer holidays are the best time to spread bad news in public. Here’s what you may have missed in the UK while preparing for your holiday.

It has been a busy week for British politicians, especially with the Conservative Party struggling to replace Boris Johnson. It was also the last working week for British MPs before the summer break. The government also issued several unfavorable reports and statements at the time, on topics related to, among other things, the shutdown of Brexit and Jobcentre. Find out what you missed while preparing for your vacation.

  • According to the latest calculations by the Treasury, the divorce bill for leaving the EU will be higher than initially expected, by up to £10 billion.
  • According to the latest report from the Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration, the Home Office’s response to the continued crossing of the English Channel by migrants is certainly inadequate.
  • The tutoring program for children who have been delayed in learning due to the Covid-19 pandemic and distance learning has yet to prove their value. Certainly there are a few lessons.
  • From next year, tourists heading to the UK will have to send a photo of their faces to the Home Office before departure.
  • Nine Jobcentre jobs will be closed due to conservative plans to redevelop the Department of Work and Pensions.
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