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15:24 Iraqi songs sad. mp3 “1984” written by Orwell, translated by Dr. Konorca Sawa (Monday morning guest)

– W.There was never a big brother. This does not mean, however, that they can be excluded from literature with impunity. The letter with that name is already in the first and second translations. However, the English translation from “Big Brohter” has to be “Big Brother”. We did this translation from the beginning. I came to the conclusion that in this case it is possible to restore the correct translation and replace the Big Brother with a big one. Realize that the popular name will continue to run in pop culture and popular perception. Nevertheless, I hope the new translation will allow readers to find unknown meanings that they may have eluded with somewhere before. – says Dorota Kunoruka Sawa, translator.

Orwell is our time. Artists discuss the situation in the world

Measure with artwork. After years

Copyright of Orwell’s work has expired. Translations are resumed worldwide. Only in Poland will there be few of them. Each translator imposes its own sensitivity on the text. If we are completely transparent, it will be spotted. The author puts his spirit and efforts to work. Translating it coldly will not produce good results. My goal was not to lie to Orwell, just to re-tell her. I will compare it with the feelings that accompany an audience in a movie or theater. Everyone in the audience sees the performance differently. Same with literature. In the case of “1984” I would be far from the school’s explanation. Especially since it is a work that many of us recognize from translation. She explains that a foreign language is foreign in name, even to us. It is difficult for us to say exactly what Orwell wanted to convey. The way we interpret the work may be disproved by someone else – A guest fixes the morning of two.

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Understanding is unclear

Orwell grew into literary criticism. Several stories have been written based on his works. I wanted to highlight topics that my readers may have missed. Attention is often paid to the totalitarian system pictured in 1984. We refer to the techniques and the fact that Orwell predicted the mechanics of our time. Much about this work speaks as a book that no one has read. It is the business syndrome that has entered the canon of popular culture. In my opinion, it is worth remembering that this is a story about boundless loneliness. The story of a man doomed to failure from the start. The book consists of many nuances. All lead to an unclear solution – He adds.

The protagonist is the language

– I knew Orwell press magazines. They were all made clearly and convincingly. 1984 is their opposite. The language is inaccessible and confusing. Orwell has repeatedly criticized the language of contemporary journalism. He accused him of hiding ignorance. It’s tempting to say Orwell could write better. This makes translator work difficult. We must remember that the reader will not forgive us tired language, even if the author of the original text does. I tried to trim this text and strip it of any adornment. I wanted to make the reading more intense. I hope the message is clear thanks to this and goes straight to the hearts and heads of your readers – It sums up.


Program title: Morning two

Drove: Bowie Seawick

visitor: Dorota Konowrocka-Sawa (Journalist, translator and economist)

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Issue Date: 15th02.2021

Broadcast time: 9.31