The Mountain Bike World Cup competition started at Nowe Miasto in Moravia. For the opening weekend, there were short races for women and men.

The first woman to compete in the Czech Republic was a woman who had to cover six rings 1,500 meters long. On the first lap, a group of four formed, consisting of: Luana Likomet, Martina Berta, Jenny Resvids and Haley Patten. During the next lap, they were joined by five other musketeers, led by world champion Pauline Ferran Prevot. Unfortunately for the French, she capsized in the third ring and was forced to withdraw from the race. During the fourth lap, Haley Batten and Loana Lecomte separated from the leading group, but already at the next 1500 meters the French American was left behind and was going alone to the finish line. In the end, I managed to win. Lecomte alone came second. In turn, Jenny Resvids and Annie Lest played the battle for the lowest step on the podium. The Swedish woman emerged victorious from this duel. Lone pole Maja Voszczowska finished 14th, more than a minute behind the winner.

Women’s race results:

1 – Haley Patten (United States)

2 – Luana Lecomte (France)

3 – Jenny Resveds (Sweden)

14 Maya Voszkowskowska (Poland)

The men’s race, just like last week in Alpstadt, was very balanced. In the initial laps, the group was led by Nino Shorter and Henrik Avancini, among others. The lead began to slowly contract only on the fourth lap due to the strong speed set by Viktor Kurtzky. In the fifth episode, the attack was carried out by Matteo van der Paul. Only Thomas Bedcock, Jordan Sarrow, Maximilian Brandl and Victor Kuritzky managed to stay behind. The group led by Avancini was very close to catching up with them on the last lap, but then Van der Boyle advanced forward again, and Bedcock jumped to him immediately, and the fate of the victory was decided between them. In the end, Holedener could be happy with another short-track victory, which he outperformed the British by a half-length bike. The third place was taken by Jordan Sorrow. Bartłomiej Wawak showed himself on a good side. The pole lost 42 seconds to the winner and finished 24th.

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Men’s race results:

1 – Matteo van der Paul (Netherlands)

2 – Thomas Bedcock (Great Britain)

3 – Jordan Sarrow (France)

24 – Partomij Wawak (Poland)

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