Information from the Ministry of Finance about salaries


In January of this year. Some employees earned lower “current” salaries than in the previous year. Its reason was, among other things, an unnecessary application for resignation from the middle class benefit or non-collection of the so-called PIT-2 form, which allows you to apply the free amount already at the stage of advances.

Continuously monitor the situation and respond to cases of low wages payment, the Minister of Finance issued on January 7 this year. A regulation amending the rules for collecting advances on income tax. Thanks to the Regulation, the amount of the advance payment for January, in the case of employees or contractors with a total monthly income of up to PLN 12800, must be collected in an amount not exceeding the amount of the advance payment calculated in accordance with the rules in force in the previous year, that is, by December 31, 2021. That the remuneration paid to the employees indicated “on hand” (net) will not be lower than in the previous year.

Advances to income tax collected by taxpayers after January 1 of this year must be calculated in the manner prescribed by the decree. Higher advances will be recalculated. If the bonus paid does not take into account the method for collecting income tax advances described in the decree, employees will receive corrections from the taxpayer.

The compensation payment will start on Monday, January 10 this year. The Ministry of Finance made an appeal to taxpayers for an urgent adjustment of the accumulated wages.

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on the page You can find more information about how advances are collected under the new rules. We encourage you to read it.

We also encourage you to read the information materials in which the experts of the Ministry of Finance explain issues related to the calculation of employee wages.

The materials are available on the website of the Ministry of Finance.