It’s hard to make a mistake when looking at the planned street route in this Skorup area. The Łupaszki Street route from Piastowska to Ciołkowski was planned. Part of this street does not yet exist, so it was not included in the decision to name this street in 2018.

Now it turns out that the street is named after Major Zygmunt Szendzielarz, a pseudonym that upaszko will not cover other municipal plots, and the designated street there will be called Podlaska – that’s what the members of the Biaystok Council decided on Monday. The project was presented by the mayor of the city with the support of his club council members. The Local Government Committee expressed a negative opinion on this project.

There is no clear separation at the boundaries of Podlaska and Łupaszki Streets: there is no intersection, roundabout, curve, narrowing, or even speed bumps (there may be a pedestrian crossing). This is an unusual situation in Bialystok, until now there have been no such street connections. Even on a public road, where patrons change smoothly, this occurs at an intersection (or underneath), a roundabout, or a bridge.

– This street is generally seen as bearing the name of Major Zygmunt Szendzielarz Łupaszka, and should only be extended to other plots. Nobody disputes the name “Podlaska”, it’s a very beautiful name and it should definitely find its place in the public space of Biaystok – says Bowie Myszkowski (PiS), head of the Local Government Committee.

Just that asupaszko does not deserve to commemorate all members of the council in Bialystok. For example, Civic Coalition Counselor (Forum of Minorities in Podlasie) Stephan Nikiciuk stated in the council that Obasco is a criminal and does not deserve to be in the public space of Bialystok.

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However, the Łupaszka could not be removed from the public space in Biaystok, and the case had to be permanently resolved by the Supreme Administrative Court. Now the members of the Civic Coalition Council have succeeded in reducing the area in the city occupied by Łupaszka. till when?


After the disagreement over the name of Łupaszki Street finally ended, Bohdan Paszkowski Voivode of Podlasie pleaded with council members not to attempt to change that street’s name anymore. “The figure of Major Obaszka – a prominent commander of the Polish company – should not be part of the various tenders in the field of current politics” – Voivode said. Major Zygmunt Szendzielarz confirmed that it is a bogus. In Poland, Łupaszko is considered a hero and “a symbol of the environment of the local army, the environment of soldiers fighting for the independence of our country”. Today, however, it comes back. It is feared that the current city council decision will not end this story.