The soccer program “ESPNFC Radio” was broadcast on ESPN in Colombia on Tuesday evening. At & nbspstudiu w & nbspBogocie many guests sat and talked about current events in the football world. At some point, the program had to be paused.

Suddenly, one of the experts Carlos Ordos, a huge studio TV set, fell and crushed him. The man hit his face hard on the table top. The camera captured the moment of a terrible accident and after a while it was passed on to the stupid driver.

The other guests rushed to the rescue and were joined by members of the technical team. I managed to catch the TV from the corpse of Ordosa. Only the leader did not get up. Advertise an ad break.

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In the recording you can hear one of the words saying “tranquilo” several times, which in Spanish means “quietly”. Perhaps the man wanted to calm the victim and efficiently capture the damaged screen.

Orduz survived the accident and has already responded to the situation. thanks for your support. He admits he feels good today. No fractures were found, which might seem surprising given the weight of the TV and the strength of the impact.


I must say, I’m fine. Praise be to God, after proper medical examinations, injuries and ailments were not ruled out. He said: I only have a bruise in my nose, and no fracture.