Onet’s editor-in-chief Bartosz Wijlarczyk is one of the leading critics of the amendment to the Media Act, which was adopted by the House of Representatives on Wednesday. In his opinion “lex TVN” It led to a drastic deterioration in Poland’s relations with the United States.

“Yes, we have the worst relations with the United States since the fall of communism in Poland. No, it cannot be fixed quickly. We will rebuild it for years and it is not known when this recovery will ever begin” – Węglarczyk wrote on Twitter.

Reply from the advisor

The position of editor-in-chief of Onet was answered by the Szczecin board member of the PiS club, Polish soldier politician Dariusz Matecki. “I tell you, it will end when the Republicans come to power in the United States again. It is difficult to come to terms with state authorities that enter into strategic alliances with the Soviets, and that employ Marxists in leading administrative positions” – said Matiki.


Discovery is taking legal action

Discovery released a statement Thursday that “the current Polish government has for years targeted TVN in a discriminatory manner” and was part of a “wider attack on independent media” and a “direct violation of the legal protections for freedom of expression.”

The company announced that it was informed of its legal steps Polish authorities. “A notice of the dispute has been sent to President Andrzej Duda. The Discovery Company continues to seek a positive solution to this case, but if this fails, it intends to initiate arbitration proceedings in accordance with Article IX (3) of the Treaty and to demand full compensation from Poland. ”, we read in the statement.

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