Ole Gunnar Solskjaer praised the influence Bruno Fernandez On Manchester United After becoming the club’s first player to win three Player of the Month awards since then Cristiano Ronaldo.

Fernandez was awarded the November Medal, having also been awarded the award in February and June although he only made his debut for United on February 1.

The 26-year-old has been voted for the club Sir Matt Busby Player of the Year by fans and United’s top scorer this season, with 11 goals.

Solskjaer explained how the Portuguese is always trying to get better, citing Fernandez’s focus in the last training session before today’s Derby.

“Bruno got his individual awards, to some extent,” Solskjaer said. The impact he made in the club is only evident in the score we have earned since his arrival and his contribution to that, so he deserves the praise that he gets.

After the disappointment of the Champions League elimination, Manchester United have the perfect opportunity to raise the bar for themselves this weekend.

They welcome Manchester City to Old Trafford in their first derby of the season. It is the first encounter in several years as United find themselves ahead of their neighbors in the Premier League table, and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and his team hope to continue their good form recently against the Blues.

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“He also knows that he joined a team that makes him able to play to the best of his skills and qualities. On the field, he can express himself and he can take risks because he has players around him running for him the movement always creates or releases the pass.

“And he has got players there that really rate him and rate them. He has a winning mentality. He is never satisfied. He wants to improve. He wants to be better.

“You can see in the warm-up today, how focused he is, just on the exercises that fitness coaches do. He wants to do it right, he wants to be faster, he wants to be stronger and that depends on other players.”

“But it’s not as if Bruno is the only one who has this trait. But, of course, he helps when results come and offers come, as Bruno did.”

Solshire won three of his five encounters with City manager Pep Guardiola and became the first United manager to lead the domestic derby double last season since Sir Alex Ferguson in 2010.

Despite this feather in his hat, Solskjaer underestimated his record against the two-time Champions League winner.

Solskjaer stressed this by saying: “Do you know why coaches do not have a good record against Pep’s teams? This is because Pep has a great team and he is a great coach.” “I don’t have a good record against him, he’s my players, my team and my coaching body too, so we sit down together and find the right way.

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“We had margins with us in those games (against City). There are good margins in most football matches. I would never say I have. [a good record] Because I am and Pep, we don’t play.

“If I had played, maybe I would have dealt with him or dodge him … I think I defeated him, I think he played in Euro 2000 for Spain, I’m not sure … Maybe because we won 1-0 the only win I got against him.

“I have to look at the team papers now!”