The UK appears to have requested an additional 60 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine. All this to reinforce the National Fall Immunization Program.

In total, the UK has ordered up to 100 million doses of the preparation from Pfizer / BioNTech.

As part of the government’s plan, people in 9 high-risk groups should receive an additional vaccine before winter.

Currently, nearly two-thirds of England’s population have been vaccinated, including 1/4 of them who have received two doses of the preparation against COVID-19.

According to Health Secretary Matt Hancock, the enhanced autumn is expected to keep everyone healthy as the world begins to bring the virus under control.

The government confirms that additional vaccines will be used in preparing the booster vaccination program.

The government’s announcement comes as Public Health England just announced that just one dose of the vaccine reduces the risk of transmission by nearly 50%.

Matt Hancock notes that this is the first serious evidence of how a vaccine may affect transmission of the coronavirus.

He adds that the United Kingdom has 517 million doses of various vaccines, which are sufficient to vaccinate the entire population of the country.

Work is currently underway to evaluate the suitability of the Janssen and Novavax vaccines, which have successfully passed a period of clinical trials.

Yesterday, 2,166 cases of Covid 19 were recorded in the UK and 29 people died. The country continues to experience a downward trend in Covid-19 infections, although new mutations in the coronavirus remain a cause for concern.

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