Magda Narwa left for the United States

Magda Narwa left for the United States

Magda Narwina is a singer in the disco-polo band Piękni i Młodzi. The star went to the USA, which she boasted about in social media. Difficult to identify. Magda Narwena has undergone a major transformation.

Magda Narwa left for the United States. Piekni i Młodzi’s vocalist has informed fans that she has come to the United States to give some gigs there. She will perform in Chicago and New York and is very happy about it.

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Good day. Most of you are probably still asleep, I haven’t had a chance to lie down. Today is a very busy day… Immediately after the parties: the airport, and in a moment we start ️ towards the United States. On March 4 and 5, we’ll be playing for the amazing Polish community in New York and Chicago. Keep your fingers crossed for a safe ride. Until then – I recently wrote on Instagram.

The leader of the band Piękna i Młodzi greeted fans. After arriving in the United States, she wrote: – I greet you warmly from abroad – we read. Fans support their idol, who underwent a major transformation during her journey. She decided to change her hairstyle.

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Magda Narwena transforms during her stay in the United States

The disco polo singer recently showed a photo from the airport. You can see four long braids I made before leaving. In addition, the transformation of Narożna means not only hair, but also a difference in makeup – stronger eyebrows and eyelashes attract the eye.

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Fans say the nook is like “a million dollars.” They complement the disco-polo singer in droves: “Beautiful in those hairs”, “Sztos hairstyle!” , “Oh my… I thought he was a UFC co-star going to a fight, not a disco polo star.”

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