From May 29, the provisions for Noa Huta Cultural Park will be fully enforced. Foundations, local businessmen and building owners have until that day to adapt to the rules in place in the park. Some of them did.

“Nowa Huta space is clearly changing. Some Nowa Huta entrepreneurs and owners have already made the necessary adjustments. Also, many schools, kindergartens, and cultural institutions have arranged their surroundings – faded banners and ads that do not comply with regulations or ugly ads have disappeared from the fences. Concerning a marked improvement in the appearance of some of the properties in this area, “- Dariush Nowak, head of the press office of the Krakow City Council, told PAP.

It is difficult to determine how many companies have adapted to the new regulations – the park has an area of ​​about 376 hectares, and the situation changes from day to day, he added. “Nevertheless, especially in the center of Noa Huta, it can already be assessed that a large number of entrepreneurs have done so, although some of them will definitely be delayed with the changes until the last minute,” Nowak said.

In order to help residents, the city announced the “Signage in Noa Huta” program – implemented by NGOs – thanks to which support can be obtained in designing aesthetic signs and windows. Eight projects were created, three projects were completed: for the AGAT store in Plac Centralny, for the PAW store in ul. City Hall reported that Zgodi 7 and Hotta Style, both are in the Swedish Bloc

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The cultural park does not completely cover the Noa Huta district, but has an area of ​​about 376 hectares – Centralny Square, the apartment buildings built in the 1950s and 1960s and the oldest part of Huta, before the period when the mineral plant was built. There – Jan Matejko mansion with garden in Krzesławice, Mogiła with a monastery. Cystersów and Aleja Solidarnoci with the HTS administrative buildings.

It is the second in Krakow, after the Old City Cultural Park. Nowa Huta Cultural Park was established on the basis of a city council decision issued in November 2019 to protect the urban planning and architecture of the oldest part of this district. Provisions regulating how to consider, among other things, billboards, signage, facade colors of residential homes, window frames, gates, shop windows, neon signs and the location of gastronomic gardens came into effect on November 29, 2020 and all new elements of space development in NOA Huta must be compatible with The provisions of the resolution from then onwards, while the existing regulations were to be adapted to the new regulations within six months from that date.

In the future, the city plans to create cultural parks in Kazimierz with Stradom and Starry Podgorzi with Krzymionki.

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