The award ceremony known as the “Academy Awards for Sport” was held in Seville, but for the first time in history, it was held exclusively online due to restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is the 22nd edition of the event, and the winners were chosen by a panel of 68 famous sports figures, who indicated the best in each category.

Orodu: Getty Images Iga Cvitik and Robert Lewandowski

The stars themselves

Robert Lewandowski was nominated in the Best Athlete of the Year category for 2020. Raphael Nadal, the 13-time French Open winner, was the winner. Among the finalists, there were also world famous sports such as: F1 car world champion Lewis Hamilton (Great Britain), the most valuable player of the NBA season LeBron James (USA), Pole vault Armand Dupantes ( Sweden) last year the world record holder in the 5,000 and 10,000 meters Joshua Chiptiji (Uganda).

Lewandowski did not receive the award, but it was received by Bayern Munich, who won six cups with him last season.

She lost to the American football player

In contrast, witik, 19, was nominated in the “Surprise of the Year” category. The award went to 24-year-old American football player Patrick Mahoms, who led the Kansas City Chiefs to their first Super Bowl success in 50 years.

In the other categories they won, among others Lewis Hamilton for his anti-racism and Egyptian Liverpool player Mohamed Salah for his involvement in social affairs. American tennis icon Billie Jean King has been awarded a prize for her lifetime achievement and fight for equality.

They are an inspiration to others

The Laureus Awards have been awarded since 2000. A private institution that distinguishes individuals and teams that inspire others. The prizes aim to “recognize unforgettable sporting achievements and the impact of players on society.”

The creator of the honor for the athletes was the then President of South Africa, Nobel Peace Prize Winner Nelson Mandela. Nominations are presented by a panel of one hundred journalists from around the world, and the winners are chosen by a group of 68 famous sports figures.

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