Law and Justice Club board members prepared a concept for a new green development on the recently reconstructed section of Al’s Walking Trail. John Paul II. – We spent 24 million PLN to revitalize this place, and it turned out that the icing on the cake is not there. Unfortunately, it is just a granite desert, and not a park with high aesthetic values, which encourages relaxation in this place – says Robert Stankovic.

After the renovation in al. Jana Pawła II (from Plac Grunwaldzki to ul. Felczaka), July 9 and 9.5 thousand bushes – laurel and roses were planted there. There are now two green outer belts the entire length of Walking Street. Law and justice consultants criticize the end result.

– What we see here is extreme simplicity. The city’s proposal is a gray granite connection road, which in no way corresponds to the Art Nouveau, eclectic buildings of Al. Jana Pawła II – thinks consultant Stankiewicz, known for preparing visualizations showing his ideas for developing attractive tourist places (there was already, among other things, Mieleńska beach and orangery on Grodzka Island).

The road is supposed to bloom almost all year round

Now the council member has shown visualizations with the lush greenery that grows on both sides of the corniche in Al. John Paul II. There are rowan, sumac, barberry, lobelia and marigold. Choosing these species is to ensure that something will bloom almost all year round. The creators were not discouraged by the statements of journalists that some of these plants have little chance of surviving in this place, especially without the irrigation system.

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– It’s understandable. Everything can still be changed – said council member Stankevich.

“We can sit down and raise money to build new farms”

So far, members of the Law and Justice Party have presented their concept to journalists and prepared an interrogation on the matter. They announced that they would strive to prepare a draft resolution that would allow this investment to be included in the city’s budget. They calculated that the proposed planting cost is 40,000 PLN. zloty.

– As we know very well, the reconstruction of Al. Jana Pawła II, cost us 24 million PLN. Those 40 thousand. PLN is only 0.2 percent. The value of the entire investment. We offer roadside planting with lush vegetation at low cost. If the president doesn’t agree, we can sit down and raise money for a new plant – says Councilman Maciej Usars.

When the project was developed, the board members had no objections

Al reconstruction project. John Paul II was founded in 2018 when law and justice co-ruled Szczecin. At that time, the members of this club had a greater influence on the decisions of the president. Why didn’t they then take up the theme of greenery designed in this place?

It is not always possible to anticipate certain events. At the time, I was concentrating on the rooftop planned here. Now we bump into what these green belts actually look like. Until recently, they told us, Wait, it will be beautiful when it blooms. I have the impression that we will not wait. Hence our concept, which I started working on two to three months ago – explained board member Stankiewicz.

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“Aerospace Engineer Urgently Needed”

Law and Justice Council members also propose appointing an aerospace engineer in Szczecin to oversee such investments.

Every city, even a medium-sized one, has such a situation. The Szczecin has unique tracts to be developed. There is a gardener in town, but he has a limited set of possibilities. He does not have to be an artist, his job is to learn about plants. On the other hand, the architect creates space and is indispensable to our city, said councilor Stankovic, who prepared a plaque with the slogan – “The architect of space is urgently needed.”

After the reconstruction, active sidewalk on str. John Paul II declined slightly. The statue of Griffin, which once stood in the lush greenery, is placed in the center of the sidewalk. In this part of the corniche, the green belts have also been moved outside.