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Widgets are being tested for yourself this year Renaissance. Often used in the beginning Android They lost their relevance over time. The phones back then were much weaker and I remember many widgets putting a lot of stress on the smoothness of the device. Today, in our pockets, we carry devices with incomparably more powerful force, which allows us to use many tools without overloading. smart phone.

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Google Maps with a new navigation tool

XDA Developer Portal informs that one of the beta versions Google Maps It has the ability to add a new widget. It’s very simple – at the top we find the search bar, and below it are a few buttons. You can add a shortcut to go to your home or work, but you can also search for nearby restaurants, gas stations, or hotels. You can see the widget in the articles gallery. Screenshots were posted on reddit by a forum user.

A simple solution may facilitate the use of maps by those who treat them primarily as a program for navigation. One click and the phone will lead us to the chosen place.

XDA Developers is also announcing it google browser It has already started releasing updates with the new tool. As always, this is done gradually. The new feature should appear on most smartphones within the next few days.

Google Maps has become a powerful harvest

A solution with a widget would be quite appropriate. Google Maps is no longer just a simple navigation. It is also a city guide that allows you to plan the entire trip, not just the route to the place. It has also been expanded to include reviews of venues and data on COVID-19 or fuel prices at stations, making it a program A real mix.

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The tool makes Google Maps simple without depriving it of any functionality. Last year, it was one of the most updated Application. You can check out the new added features in our articles About Google Maps at this address.