Under pressure from US sanctions and suppliers, Chinese high-tech companies are gradually withdrawing from trade relations with Russia. The trade is being phased out quietly, without tantrums, as officials in Beijing urge it not to succumb to Washington’s constraints.

The New York-based Wall Street Journal is writing about the case, citing people who know behind the scenes of the case, and according to several large Chinese tech companies, they are limiting their supplies to Russia.

Trade with Russia is being phased out silently, without official announcements by companies and fears of the Middle Kingdom. Chinese companies are trying to balance the two threats. On the other hand, non-compliance with sanctions and restrictions imposed on Russia by the United States and allied countries may lead to disconnection, for example, from American chip manufacturers. On the other hand, the government in Beijing is calling not to bow to Washington’s dictates. China’s Ministry of Commerce in April called on Chinese companies to “not succumb to external coercion and make inappropriate external statements.”

Among the Chinese high-tech giants with limited supplies to Russia, among others, is the computer manufacturer Lenovo Group Ltd. Manufacturer of smartphones and consumer electronics, Xiaomi Corp.

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