Swimming develops dexterity and coordination, and at the same time is a real attraction for people of all ages. You can go to the pool even with a three-month-old baby. At Dzień Dobry TVN, Bartek Jędrzejak was convinced of the many advantages of such a solution.

Learning to swim – when do you start?

The prenatal environment makes people aware of being in the water. So it’s no surprise that many parents want to get their kids into the pool as soon as possible. These classes are conducted in a school in Poznan From the age of three months.

– It’s not just a return to the natural environment, but also a completely different environment The development of the nervous and motor system (…). This helps parents a lot in such daily activities. A baby shower is often a cry. After such classes, children feel comfortable in the shower – confirmed Bartik Gordzijak.

Swimming lessons for kids

It is worth starting to learn to swim as soon as possible, so that you can successfully go to the pool with a baby. The third month of life is the ideal time for a baby to start learning about the aquatic environment. Classes in the pool allow you to develop motor coordination, and at the same time bring you a lot of joy.

– We encourage everyone to come to the pool, because it is Best form of activity for kids. It is 100% safe because it does not burden children’s joints in any way, but only strengthens them all the time (…). Diving is an important component of our classes. It is important to prepare children for the following swimming skills – explained experienced trainer, Szymon Siejkowski.

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author:Magdalena Brzezinska

Main image source: Good morning TVN