Among these materials there was a map of the game world. I mention it according to Previous rumors new work NFS The film takes place in Lake Shore City, a fictional version of Chicago.

The second image is part of a screenshot from the game. employment reddit Many players think that the buildings on it are similar to those in Chicago.

The last item in the leak was a two-second bit of gameplay. It was quickly removed from Discord, but you can find videos of this material on YouTube.

Both the screen and the gameplay are very blurry, but it should whet fans’ appetite for the official announcement of the project.

Let us remind you that it is new according to previous reports NFS It will be released this year and will be available on PC, Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5. Burnt Standard studio.

for some obstacle NFS 2022 In many respects it is designed in the style of a classic Need for speed street pro. It is worth returning to this production. In terms of gameplay, nothing has progressed, and technical issues and flaws can be fixed with fan-based mods:

  1. general repair – Improves pad control, removes frame rate cap, adds greater support for higher widescreen resolutions, and fixes many bugs.
  2. NFSPS HUD Converter – HUD adjusts to any resolution, including those added by modifications.
  3. NFSPS HD Reflections – Improves reflection effects.
  4. Additional NFSPS Options – Allows you to configure graphics and gameplay beyond what the official menu offers.
  5. Windows 10 Fix – A project for people who have problems running the game on the new Windows.
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