Second was the French Johann Zarco (Ducati-Pramac) with a loss of 5.409 seconds, and the third was the Italian Alex Espargaro (Aprilia) with a loss of 6.068 seconds.

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The Quartararo car claimed its first MotoGP win since the British Grand Prix last August.

“I was going as fast as I could, practically to the limit,” Quartaro said. “It was a great start today, and I’m happy to win for the first time this season,” added the happy French.

Zarco, second on the finish line, praised Quartaro. “It is a great victory for France, but unfortunately not mine,” he admitted. He added that he still dreams of winning the motorcycle race.

Quartararo and Zarco scored a double in MotoGP for the second time. They finished the 2021 Doha Grand Prix in the same order.

At the Algarve International Circuit, Spaniard Marc Marquez (Honda) crossed the finish line on Sunday in sixth place and lost 16.163 seconds, his brother Alex was right behind him – with a loss of 16.183 seconds.

In the general classification, Quartararo and Reigns each have 69 points, and the third is Spaniard Alex Espargaro (Aprilia) – 66 points.

Spaniard Sergio Garcia won the Moto3, who is also the World Cup captain after 5 out of 21 races. So far I have collected 83 points.

In Moto2, the race was halted after several competitors who failed to control their motorcycles crashed on a wet track in the rain and had dump trucks. Nobody called for the intervention of the medical services, but the technical services went on the right track, as one of the motorcycles caught fire.

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