According to the latest research, the earthquakes were most likely caused by a “column” of hot magma stuck in the earth’s crust.

A “swarm” appeared around him Orca sea mountainIt is an inactive underwater volcano that rises 900 meters above the sea floor. volcano It is located in the Bransfield Strait, the narrow passage between the South Shetland Islands and the northwest end Antarctica.

In this region, the Phoenix tectonic plate “slips” under the Antarctic continental plate to form error area. At the same time, some parts of the shell expand and cracks occur in another.

Detection of an atypical phenomenon It was difficult as there are only two earthquake stations nearby. The scientists used a series of data from other entities that could record the vibrations.

The two largest earthquakes in this series were recorded in October 2020 (magnitude 5.9) and November of the same year (magnitude 6.0 on the Richter scale). After the second earthquake seismic activity in the area Weakened a lot. According to the survey data collected, paranormal activity The land on King George Island was moved by about 11 cm.

Only 4 percent. This displacement can be directly explained by seismicity. Scientists doubt that magma movement Towards the crust could be responsible for these abrupt terrestrial shifts.

If that happens underwater eruptionThis may have occurred at the time of the recording of the strongest earthquake. To date, there is no direct evidence of a volcanic eruption. To make sure it’s huge The shield volcano erupted its peakScientists will have to send a special mission exactly to the strait Exploring the sea floor Here and compare it with historical maps.

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