Sandy Nhood Polska has started soil remediation at the former trolleybus and bus station in Piaseczno. The operation covered approximately 3,160 cubic metres. polluted land. Business is linked to the new multi-functional investment planned by Nahoud

Trolleybus depot operated from the 80s to 2002. The area that serves as a transport service, undeveloped and partially polluted with mineral oil, will change completely in the coming years. Here a multifunctional investment will be built, surrounded by greenery and recreation areas.
Preparing the land is one of the first stages of preparing for an investment – safely removing pollutants and improving soil quality in order to restore biodiversity.

During the works, the land area was fenced off and secured. A total of 11 thousand. A liter of the preparation contains specialized strains of soil bacteria that positively affect biological processes. All of them were bred in Poland under the supervision of local universities. The preparation used is ISO certified and certified by the National Institute of Public Health – National Institute of Health (NIZP-PZH).

The treatment process in Piasechno should be safe for people, animals and plants, and should have a neutral effect, for example, on the roots of trees growing in the area.
The new urban district of Piasecno, surrounded by Puławska, Energetyczna, Mleczarska and Sękocińska streets, will be a place to live, work, entertain, spend leisure time and shop. The total area of ​​u200bu200bthe developed complex is 11 hectares, and the total usable area of ​​u200bu200bthe complex will be about 70 thousand. square meters Already in the technical project preparation stage, Nhood Polska will apply for BREEAM New Construction certification for this facility.

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In the first stage of investment, it is planned to establish Facilities with recreational, gastronomic and commercial functions. The preliminary urban planning and architectural concept has already received preliminary approval from the Architectural Department of the Piaseczno Municipal Office. Depending on the pace of the planning process and preparatory work, the planned start date for the construction of the first phase of the investment is 2025/2026.