One word that would aptly describe “Smoy” Owen Butterfield is Showman. Since the Briton introduced himself to a wider audience of CS: GO fans, he showed his strong personality. Peppy, loves competition and does not bite his tongue. In addition, she exudes confidence in her skills, which, it must be admitted, is silent. However, the player’s ego has grown equally, which has been picking up on different teams for years, without using its full potential.

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Report from PLE GG Gaming Weekend

Very good for Great Britain

He takes his first steps in the world of “smooya” esports in 2016. He was only 17 years old at the time, but he quickly proved that he has great potential. Some original bands will pop up, but none will be able to provide him with the right plane for evolution. Great Britain She was never an international player in CS: GO, and at the time she was quite sleepy.

Butterfield often launches live broadcasts, making her known to a wider audience. Soon the audience came to the conclusion that the boy had papers for a particular profession. Above all, he had to find a team of classes. This was a vain thing to look for in the islands.

Germany’s BIG made unexpected offers to Butterfield in April 2018. They were looking for a new sniper after parting ways with Kevin “Kev” Bartholomew. The organization was so happy to see the cooperation with “Smooy” that the contestants agreed to change the language of communication from German to English. The Briton immediately got the opportunity to show himself at the top, although it must be said, and was immediately thrown into deep water.

He’s still a great player for older fans. Member of All Stars Esports

Magical ESL Cologne 2018

Three months after adding “smooyi,” BIG has faced a major challenge. The team participated in ESL Cologne, where he played the role of host. Few, however, gave them any real chances. Before the tournament the team was among the top 20 in the world, and a correction was made due to the recent change.

Despite everything, BIG managed to make it past the group stage and was in the top six. While the first encounters of “smooyi” were unsuccessful, the Briton will brilliantly play in the quarter-finals against G2. From this meeting comes the iconic recording of the conversation between “smooyi” with team leader Fatih “gobem b” Dayik. It was then taken with humor, but later on, it showed a certain lack of humility from Butterfield.

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In the end, BIG made it to the final, where Natus Vincere fared much better. However, the German accent with a British accent showed a variety, surprising the CS:GO community. Second place was considered a huge success.

Another point on the main road in London. They did really decently there too. The team reached valleys as their path came to an end. NAVI outnumbered them again. After all, the team itself was completely satisfied with its progress. “Smooya” will get you a taste of competition at the highest level. Sam soon after In an interview with HLTV He admitted that he had conquered his ego severely. The Briton also does not hide from public statements about his difficult personality.

I think after Major each of us has our own egos, especially since I thought I was a lot better than I was. Then it dawned on me that I had to do more work than ever and hopefully get back to the level I want to.

When I’m in the game, it frustrates me and annoys me with even the dumbest things.

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Unseen character

Butterfield never bites his tongue, and the interview quoted above will only confirm how uncomfortable his teammate is. And although he had ambitions and talent and tried hard to work, he could not cross some barriers. They were related to his difficult personality. Sometimes he suddenly loses his motivation. He could shout a few words too many. He made him known, and the public considered him a toxic person. One impressive fact is that Smooya never pretends to be anyone. This is not Soyo in the team match, the Briton is unable to put the interests of the group above himself.

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BIG moved “smooy” to awk for the first time in January 2019. The decision translated a different vision into the game system. The Briton made a brief appearance in the Renegades, then the German organization recruited him to the team in August. BIG wouldn’t do well without Buttefield and hopefully some of the restrictions will be lifted. Nothing came of it.

As of 2020, smooya is a free contender. The collaboration introduced him to The American Chaos Project, and he promised that Butterfield would be in the right place. The captain of the team was Joshua “Steel” Nissan, whose temperament matches that of a sniper. However, the epidemic stood in the way of further development – Butterfield could not move to the States permanently and had to leave the team after three months. I’m so sorry that’s how this episode ended.

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Back to the game

“Smoya” is waiting for the next opportunity until 2021. Once again, the direction was not clear – the contract was put on the table by Spain’s Movistar Riders. The Briton was on his way to becoming the leader of an international formation, which was mainly dependent on the Spaniards. How they played together for over a year but failed to achieve anything special. At its best, MR is ranked 22nd in the world rankings. Another video showing “Smoy” in a bad light comes from this period. Namely, the Briton suddenly left during the meeting, despite the fact that one of his colleagues was in the game all the time.

Even though the Movistar Riders didn’t shoot, “smooya” would get a really tangible show. Get close to me. This time it looked like Butterfield was going to his place on Earth. There were two other Brits on the team, and the organization itself believed it was starting a whole new episode. The start was really promising – the team won two smaller tournaments, one of which was DreamHack in November 2021, where fnatic was defeated in the BIG final.

Since 2022, it has been aspiring to first-class tournaments. The team is doing well at IEM KatowiceTo apply the main stage and the front duodenum. Despite this, the results of the CS:GO community were surprised soon after by the reports from the fnatic camp. “smooya” has been removed from the config.

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MicahA change in esports Wile Krakw. One of the important players

His tough character was talked about again. And this, in turn, will not help his image. He’s been tasked with attacking a player he won’t be able to work with for long – Butterfield hasn’t spent an entire year without a break with any of his teams. Once again, seeing the greenhouses straight from Przedwionie turned out to be an illusion. smooya will return to his yard, where he is currently playing Into the Breach. In terms of it it clearly differs from that, but it is difficult to assume whether it is just a terminal or another concept. You never know with a Brit.

Butterfield will be 23 years old soon. She is still in the fashion world and has many years of work before Saturday. The only question is how long it will take before he reaches his full potential. The past four years have been the life of a real retard who can’t find a suitable place. The potential is huge – when he appeared in a one-off match at the Polish x-kom as a substitute. Over the course of three maps, you’ll discover stats at level 89-51 (1.68.68 evaluation). He won twice as many hits as both poles, and the team lost anyway. His words best describe the person and his entire career as a player.

I’ve always been a selfish fighter. Try to play for the team. We have to create a great and friendly atmosphere inside the band.

That’s what he said in February during IEM Katowice, but it’s hard not to get the impression that these few words perfectly describe his entire career so far.

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