Williams boss Just Capito sympathizes with Andretti’s bid to join Formula 1 and believes a quota of twelve shouldn’t be a problem and could benefit the sport as a whole.

This year marks the sixth consecutive season with the current twenty-car line-up, after Manor left the sport in late 2016. The last time Formula 1 boasted twelve teams was in the 2012 season – and the last year for hormone replacement.

Recently it became known to the public that Michael Andretti plans to bring his team to F1 from 2024. The US team had already submitted an official application to the FIA ​​in this matter, fulfilling all the required conditions, including financial ones.

Toto Wolff has expressed concerns about undermining F1’s finances by adding a new player, and predicted Andretti would not only have to add value to the sport itself, but also spend around $1 billion to be competitive.

The entry fee to F1 alone is two hundred million dollars. All this to eliminate producers or institutions that do not intend to fully invest in the sport.

McLaren CEO Zak Brown supports the idea of ​​paving the way for another US Formula One racing team. According to the Americans, an increase in the level of interest in the markets on the other side of the Atlantic will ensure huge profits for the entire system.

Moreover, Andretti has confirmed that he will likely supply his team with Renault power units when he enters Formula 1, and that he has already identified a site in the UK where the plant will be built.

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Williams team principal Just Capito has joined those in favor of another team coming into Formula One, and he also thinks it could be considered adding another team to Andretti.

“The past has proven that Formula 1 is capable of handling twenty-four cars. I think when you have more drivers, of course, up to a certain limit, which is twenty-four, it is better for the sport” Capito said.

The German has experience working with Andretti on a personal level as well and believes his former teammate will add value to the sport given his extensive experience in motorsports in America.

“I worked with Michael in the US with Volkswagen. They drove the rallycross team for Volkswagen for five years, so I worked closely with him. I respect them. He has good people and would be a good addition to Formula 1, that’s for sure.” 63 years old.