We had to wait 17 years for this moment. After many years of hiatus, another mogul found himself in the best basketball league in the world. Jeremy Suchan went down in history. The Polish actor was named a high number 9 in the NBA draft and will go to one of the most popular clubs of the 21st century – the San Antonio Spurs.

Suffice it to say that the last Pole to go to the NBA was Marcin Jurat. However, there is nothing to compare these stories, because the “Polish hammer” went there with the number 57 so far and hardly anyone expected success from it. He did, of course, but he owes it hard work. In Sushan’s case, we are also one of those players for whom there are high expectations.

The British claim success

Susan’s success caused euphoria in the Polish media. However, as it turned out … not only in Polish. The British introduced Jeremy Suchan as the first British basketball player in the NBA in a decade. This is so strange that he does not have citizenship there.

Jeremy Susan was born in the USA. His father was American and his mother was Polish. True, for several years they lived together in Great Britain, however, regardless of where they lived, they had little in common with this place. Suffice it to say that since 2021 Jeremy Susan has been representing the Polish team and has become the youngest player in history.

This behavior of the British media angered the Poles. These immediately began bombarding the social media of the local media, mocking their news of the Polish basketball player.

These are just a few examples of the reaction of Polish fans to the British “show”. It is undeniable that it was necessary to use strong creativity to connect Jeremy Susan to Great Britain.

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