There are more and more reports in the British press about the alleged political plans Meghan Markle is going to come up with. Some have suggested that Prince Harry’s wife would like to run for the presidency of the United States. The issue has already risen to such a level that even Donald Trump has commented.

British media claim that Meghan Markle recently held a series of meetings with important politicians from the Democratic Party. The talks are allegedly related mainly to her possible run in the US presidential election. The next elections will be held overseas in 2024, but it all depends on whether Joe Biden decides to fight for re-election.

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According to DoRzeczy, the Daily Mail describes the situation in the British Isles. The magazine refers in its findings to an important British politician who worked in the administration of Prime Minister Tony Blair. The politician had to have strong ties with Washington.

Megan Markle as president? Trump comments

Interestingly, Donald Trump has already hinted at it, because he heard such a question in an interview with Fox News. The former US president did not spare his rancor toward Meghan Markle. He stated that he was counting on its inception because it would make it easier for him to decide on his political future.

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“I think if that happened, I would have a stronger feeling of running for re-election,” Trump said. The former US president also spared no criticism of Meghan Markle after Oprah Winfrey’s last interview. There were unfavorable words about the royal family. “I know the Queen, I met her and I think the Queen is a wonderful person. I’m not a fan of Meghan,” Trump declared.

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