Blisko piêæ miesiêcy minêo od the first show part One Ancient godsA stand-alone story expands for the shooter Eternal torment. For a very long time, players didn’t know exactly when they could expect a sequel. They only discovered today? Id Software to everyone announced this Ancient gods ?? part two Its premiere will be on March 18, that is, tomorrow. Plus, we received a DLC trailer. You can see it below.

She was able to defy the gods and awaken the ancient evil. Now is the time to assemble scattered armies of guards, start the siege of the last stronghold of the forces of Hell, break through the walls of the castle and confront the Dark Lord himself. The fate of the universe is at stake. Here your war against Hell ends.

The first and second version Ancient gods It can be obtained separately and by purchase The first year of the Doom Eternal. Independent enlargement as a whole is also part of it Doom Eternal Deluxe Edition.

We remind you of that Eternal torment Available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and Switch. On most of these platforms, the title contains a complete Polish language transcript (including translation and dialogues). The only exception is the Nintendo console version.

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