According to the United States, Russia will attack Ukraine by the end of the week, although it is not yet confirmed what form it will take, CBS reported, citing its source in the US administration.

The station indicates that Russia is eighty percent ready to launch a large-scale invasion. The rest of the troops are on their way.

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At the moment, more than one hundred thousand Russian soldiers are stationed on the border with Ukraine.

The New York Times wrote about intelligence reports indicating military action next Wednesday.

According to estimates of US intelligence services, previously reported by NBC News, about Ukraine – including Belarus, where military exercises began on Thursday – Russia has collected about 100 tactical battalion groups, which is more than half of all its units. .

The services also identified nine possible scenarios and directions for the attack of the Russian forces, among which were maneuvers encircling Kiev, as well as an attack on most of the territory east of the Dnieper. According to the Pentagon’s assessment, Russian forces will be able to reach Kiev within 48 hours.

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Due to the growing tension in the region, the governments of Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden and Spain have called on their citizens to leave Ukraine and not to travel there. Similar messages have already been issued by governments, incl. USA, UK, Latvia, Norway, Japan, Canada and Israel.

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On Saturday, for the fourth time since the crisis began, US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke to each other by phone. The US administration said the interview was “to the point and professional” but “did not change the basic dynamics of the situation that we have been observing for several weeks.”

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