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February 14, 2022, 14:37

According to insurance companies, more and more VR players are destroying furniture or other equipment in the house. The number of claims related to virtual reality increased significantly in 2021.

Data from insurance companies shows that more and more gamers using virtual reality glasses are causing chaos in the home, destroying furniture or other equipment.

Accidents, accidents and virtual reality in the leading role

For example, he’ll use material from Reddit – incl. chin blow vs ceiling fan or The lamp cover is broken.

These devices can be a great source of fun, but we encourage people to be careful about their surroundings and look into home insurance to make sure it fits their needs.

– Kelly Whittington, Aviva UK

Some of the more outlandish reasons for the claim included a player throwing their console at the TV after being frightened by an in-game zombie, or a kid smashing two rare characters laid out on a shelf by swinging their hand.

If you want to see more VR mishaps in the lead role, you can visit r / fortuner /.

Increase the number of claims

According to the magazine Watchman Thanks to the growing popularity of virtual reality, the number of insurance claims has increased. Kelly Whittington, director of property claims at Aviva, reports growth of up to 31% in 2021. However, since 2016, the overall increase has already reached 61%.

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Company data also shows that the average VR-related claim was £650 in 2021 and Mostly it’s about damaged TVs.

VR gear was definitely a frequently chosen gift for Christmas, which certainly contributed to the influx of players who were in contact with VR for the first time. It could also lead to more insurance claims. Aviva also predicts that in 2022 there will be more of them.

Players accidentally destroy houses while playing VR - Illustration #1

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