You know, semiconductors The main components of current electronics They are found almost everywhere, from televisions to phones. The conductivity can be adjusted by changing the voltage. In the scientists’ experiment, MoS2, or molybdenum disulfide – a semiconductor – was combined with MoRe, or molybdenum – rhenium, and the researchers observed a completely new phenomenon.

As stated by physicist Andreas Baumgartner, In a superconductor, electrons pair up, as in a dance—and this has strange and wonderful consequences, like current flowing without resistance. In turn, in a semiconductor, the electrons perform a different dance. The researchers decided to check the “dances” that the electrons would perform if a superconductor were attached to a semiconductor. Therefore, for the first time, it was possible to combine superconducting and semiconducting layers at a temperature close to absolute zero. Mahdi Ramzani, another researcher, reported that such a strong correlation is an essential component in terms of new and exciting physical phenomena regarding the so-called Van der Waal heterogeneous structures that could not actually be proven before.

Photo: Mehdi Ramzani/Swiss Institute for Nanosciences/University of Basel

As for research, recently scientists looking at the stars were able to solve the mystery of the mysterious aurora borealis on Jupiter – the planet’s magnetosphere is responsible for them, Much stronger than the earth. Other researchers, in turn, have succeeded in obtaining elastic ice, a structure capable of bending and returning to its original position.

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