Great Britain is considering easing vaccination restrictions. A certificate from a doctor will become a ticket to use the services of a business.

Vaccinations They are the only salvation for both the health of the citizens and their wallets. Only resistance to the Coronavirus will prevent the lockdown.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is considering easing vaccination restrictions. Other countries are also opening the economy to those who are immune to the virus.

Certificates of vaccination in the fight against closure

Prime Minister Boris Johnson answered MPs’ questions about the lockdown and the government’s additional strategy to combat the pandemic. The British government has a concrete plan: Focuses on vaccinations, and certificates of completion will be a passage to the services of frozen industries not available todayWith.

– The basic idea of ​​vaccine certificates shouldn’t be totally strange to us – Johnson said, and when asked if ordinary citizens, who go to a pub, for example, would also need them, he replied: “I think this is something that may depend on bars. Individual and their owners. “

The UK has recorded a total of 4.3 million infections. The daily number of new cases is around 5,000. As of Tuesday, March 23, a total of 28.65 million people have received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, and the second – 2.53 million.

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Israel continues to be a pioneer in the field of vaccination against COVID-19. Data from the beginning of March indicates that half of the country’s population has already taken the first dose of the vaccine. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided to reopen the economy due to the progress in the vaccination process. In Israel, shops, markets, and hotels are open to everyone, and cinemas, theaters, museums, swimming pools, and gyms are open for healing and vaccination.