This information appeared in the latest article of the American newspaper “New York Times” Annie Carney, the White House correspondent. According to its findings, the son of the former Polish National Security Adviser to President Jimmy Carter – Zbigniew Brzezinski – may take on a diplomatic mission in Poland. This nomination is considered by US President Joe Biden himself – we read in the magazine.

Who is Mark Brzeziński?

Mark Brzezinski is a trained attorney at McGuireWoods, Washington. In 2008, he was a foreign policy advisor on Obama’s presidential campaign. At the White House National Security Council.

Brzezinski holds a PhD in Political Science from Oxford University and also spent two years in Poland as a Fulbright Fellow. He is fluent in Polish and is the author of several publications on Poland, Russia, and Central and Eastern Europe.

Previously, Mark Brzezinski was the US ambassador to Sweden. He was appointed to this position by President Barack Obama. Brzeziński also participated in Joe Biden’s presidential campaign.

He clashed with important politicians in the Law and Justice Party and TVN Defense. What will we remember Mosbacher?

Recall that the last US ambassador to Poland was appointed by Donald Trump Georgette MosbachMossbacher has been associated with the Republican Party for many years. She was the first woman to preside over an assembly of Republican governors. But she has also managed to find herself among the Democrats. In 2015, President Barack Obama appointed her to the Committee of Diplomatic Advisers. Yet, as she emphasized several times – she came to Poland not as a racist diplomat, but as “a businesswoman representing the interests of the United States”.

Mösbacher served in Poland as ambassador for two years and four months. During this time, she managed to appear in the Polish media, becoming a very well-known figure, entering into conflicts with politicians or defending the interests of American investors.

What will we remember Georgette Mossbacher? Read more on Onet.

Source: “New York Times”, PAP, Onet

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