DME 2021 in Chorzów classification table. What is the position of the Polish national team in the European Athletics Championships at the Silesia Stadium in Chorzów? Where are the Poles at DME 2021 in Chorzów? Check the current DME 2021 schedule and rating.

  • DME 2021 will take place in Chorzów on May 29-30 at the Silesian Stadium
  • The Polish team, made up of 54 people, will defend the title they won two years ago in Bydgoszcz
  • Check Chorzów’s current DME 2021 schedule: Where do the Poles occupy?

DME 2021 in Chorzów classification table. The European Team Championship 2021 is being held for the ninth time in history, and for the second time in a row in Poland. In 2019, in Bydgoszcz, the Polish national team won this competition, thereby completing the colors of the medals – earlier, in 2014, it won the bronze, and in 2017, the silver.

– Historic performance against the national team, because the European champion had never defended his title at home, and also at home. We show a group where we have youth and experience. I am convinced that this combination will bring a lot of fun to the fans. Our athletes have proven more than once that they can rally for such starts – Krzysztof Kokki, PZLA sporting director, said in the federation announcement.

DME 2021 in Chorzo: schedule, rating, standings

Composition of the Polish national team at DME 2021 in Chorzów She has 54 athletes. Many stars in athletics, including the team captain, have been absent from the team for two years Marcin Lewandowski. In addition, there will be, inter alia, Maria AndrejsekAnd the Iwa SobodaAnd the Joanna JovicAnd the Anita and DarshikAnd the Pewter LasikAnd the Adam Cuszot And a large collection of “Matusiński Angels”, including Ega Baumgart WitanAnd the Anna Kubaska I Patricia Wyciszkiewicz-Zawadzka. The European champion will not run at the 400m distance individually Justyna wisty-ErseticAnd doing amazingly this season Natalia Kashmarek.

As many as 12 teams participated in the DME 2019. This season there will be only seven of them – except for Poland, as well as Germany, Italy, Great Britain, France, Spain and Portugal, which are promoted from a lower league. Ukraine withdrew from competition due to two coronavirus cases.

DME 2021 in Chorzo: rules, registration

In the European Club Championship, the places scored by the individual players are counted. The winner of a particular competition will get 7 points, the contestant from second place – 6, up to one “eye” in the last place. If the score is repeated, for example in the pole vault, two contestants finish at 5.70 meters with the same number of strokes, the points are divided into two points.

DME 2021 will be held in Chorzów on May 29-30. The event will be held with the fans.

DME 2021 in Chorzów: TABLE. Where are the electrodes?

Place Team points
1. United kingdom 94
2. Poland 93.5
3. Germany 93.5
4. Italy 87
5. Spain 83.5
6. France 81
7. Portugal 48.5