The leader of the French radical right, Marine Le Pen, who has moved into the second round of the presidential election, has opposed the imposition of sanctions on energy resources from Russia.

Speaking to France Inter radio, the National Union leader said he should not be considered “the Russian Trojan horse”.

I am not a Trojan horse for anyone. I do not support lifting sanctions, but I do I am against energy sanctions because I don’t want the French to suffer from their negative consequences Marine Le Pen said. I reassured her that she supports all other restrictions.

I rate it It would be very bad if Russia and China got close to each other. It would be very bad for Europe. This is what Emmanuel Macron has tried to avoid during his presidency, and as you know, I do not agree with him in many respects, but on this point I share his opinion. – She said.

Le Pen, who has repeatedly said in the past that Crimea belongs to Russia, said it was a “different topic” from the current invasion of Ukraine, where the peninsula was not annexed due to armed conflict.

She also stressed that she supports the European policy of funding arms to Ukraine if it is to protect the country from a Russian attack, but not if it is used in an attack.

The first round of presidential elections took place in France on April 10. The current president, Emmanuel Macron, received the most votes, followed by the leader of the radical right, Marine Le Pen. The two will face each other again in the second round on April 24. Opinion polls point to Macron winning, although the difference is small.

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