Netflix has released the ISP Speed ​​Index for March. This is a group of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that provide the best Netflix streaming experience.

The Netflix ISP Speed ​​Index is a measure of how well Netflix is ​​playing during primetime viewing from your ISP. It is not an indication of the overall quality of other services/data available on the ISP’s network. Faster Netflix transfer speeds usually mean better picture quality, faster play times, and less noise.

In Poland, the best connections to Netflix servers are available from: Inea, Multimedia, Orange Światłowód, Toya, UPC, Vectra (3.6 Mbps, that is, the maximum speed). Its customers are offered 3.4 Mbps through Netia, 3.2 Orange DSL, 2.8 PLAY and 2.4 Plus.

The global average for March of the top ISPs fell from 3.8 to 3.6 Mbps as the average bandwidth needed to achieve the same prime-time Netflix viewing quality fell. The highest speed was recorded in 21 countries, including: Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Israel, South Korea, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Germany, Panama, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Switzerland, Sweden, Thailand, USA, Hungary and Great Britain.

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