85 percent of teachers report no experience using distance learning tools, and only 5 percent. Of them describe their skills in this area very good. The scores that students give to teachers in this field are also not high, according to a public think-tank study conducted by the Polish Economic Institute.

According to PIE Economists, only 8 percent. Students see the proficiency of teachers in the field of distance learning as high, and up to 62% of students surveyed consider the distance learning form to be ineffective.

Excluding students from devices is also a big problem. While an estimated 97 percent. Families have all
At least one computer, the necessity to share equipment between educated siblings, limit the bandwidth or the limited amount of monthly data transfer, was a hindrance at the time of transferring learning to the home.

“It is necessary to put in place a comprehensive educational plan to catch up with a project to finance it. Correspondingly, in the long term, actions for an equitable and equitable digital transformation of Polish education will be the most important. – says Tomasz Gajderowicz of the University of Warsaw’s School of Economic Sciences and Evidence Institute, co-author of the report.

“This is primarily about developing global educational platforms, increasing access to digital infrastructure, integrating online education into modified core curricula, and intensive programs that increase educators’ digital competencies alongside minimum standards in this regard ” – He adds.

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