The Local Knowledge and Education Center in Perły, together with the Węgorzewski Cultural Center, organize free courses and training courses for residents of W بلديةgorzewo municipality.

The local Center for Knowledge and Education in Perły invites you to a free make-up course, which will take place at the W ofgorzewo Cultural Center on May 26. The course was planned in two groups, the first group will start at 12.00, the second group at 15.00.

Interested persons will be able to learn how to do daily makeup under the supervision of a professional makeup artist, and inform the course organizers. We encourage all ladies who want to look good not only on holidays. Or maybe some moms want to take some relaxing time on her vacation.

Registration at Węgorzewo Cultural Center: 874272641 and Per الابتدائيةy Primary School Office 874378093. The number of places is limited.

From Saturday May 15th, there is a course for caregivers and entertainment managers.
Through 36 hours of lectures and practical workshops, participants will gain the knowledge and skills needed to work with children in summer camps and camps. The course program includes: applicable regulations, elements of developmental and educational psychology, organization of recreational activities, work and documentation methodology, team games and activities, physical activities and aspects of life safety and the participants’ leisure health.

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