On Saturday May 22nd, at Nagyhalasz track, the qualifying round for the European U-19 Singles Championship will take place, and there were three poles in the tournament.

Michel Josefsky

Matthews Serniak

WP SportoweFakty / Tomasz Rosochacki / Pictured: Matthews Serniak

Poland will be represented in Nagyhalasz by Karol Żupiński, Michał Curzytek and Mateusz Cierniak. The cast includes well-known players from the Polish league, such as the Latvians who regularly compete on the racetracks – Francis Ghosts and Ernst Matteusznuk, Czech Peter Chlobak and German Ben Ernst.

In the cast, we know the names of fifteen contestants, and the first representative of Estonia in many years may be interesting – Marcus Maximus Lyell or the Slovenian Annie Gremek, who successfully competed in the Italian singles championship.

The Nagyhalasz qualifying tour is the first of three scheduled qualifying rounds. Apart from Hungary, the young players will go to the final in Riga (7 August) in Danish Holstead (19 June), where players from the Nordic countries will participate, and in the Czech League (26 June), where Poland will participate. Two more places.

1 – Francis Ghosts (Latvia)
2 – Marcus Lyell (Estonia)
3 – Ben Ernst (Nimsy)
4. To be confirmed
5 – richard faouzici (hungary)
6.Anni Gremek (Slovenia)
7 – Karol Zubinski (Poland)
8 – Erik Bachuber (Germany)
9 – Ernst Matjusznuk (Latvia)
Matthias Trisario (France)
11 – Pavel Kochar (Czech Republic)
12 – Michel Kurzitic (Poland)
13 – peter shlubak (czech republic)
14- Peaceful holiday (Slovenia)
15 Matthews Serniak (Poland)
16 – Dan Gilks ​​(Great Britain)

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The start of the competition: 15:00.

Watch a video stabilization at Szymon Woźniak. He treats each match as if it were the first of the season

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