After a big win over Elina Switolina, Magda Linette will fight for a lifetime result in the Grand Slam tournament. On Saturday at Wimbledon, the Pole will play against the Spaniard, who has been performing impressively on professional courts this year.

Łukasz Iwanek

Magda Lynette

Getty Images / Pictured: Magda Lynette

On Thursday, Magda Linnett played her 15th match against the top 10 tennis players and took her second win. In this year’s Roland Garrosie, she was not able to fully enjoy her success, as it was achieved by the retirement of Australian Ashleigh Barty. At Wimbledon, the Polish woman had the right to ecstasy, as she defeated Elena Swetolina in great style.

The previous two matches with the Ukrainian were fierce, but Lynette did not score in them. – I think after that I was inexperienced and everything was confusing for me. But I think that it was thanks to those matches that I gained experience and knew much better what to do on the field – said the Polish woman, quoted by the portal.

This time Lynette showed great tennis. She sent 28 final hits on 15 non-forced fouls and defeated Switolina in 65 minutes. This victory means a lot to me. I’ve proven to myself that I can beat tennis players of this caliber and I’m really happy to have been able to beat someone in a much better position than me – I commented.

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The Poznanian won the third round of the Grand Slam tournament for the sixth time. On Saturday, he will make another attempt to advance to the 1/8 finals. The Polish woman will face Paula Padusa, who was the sensation of Roland Garros this year. In her eighth attempt, the Spanish player reached the quarter-finals of the Grand Slam.

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For Padusa, the current year in professional fields is excellent. In April, in Charleston, she tackled Ashleigh Barty and took her first Top 10 tennis win. In May in Belgrade, she enjoyed her first win on the WTA Tour. In June, at Roland Garros, she lost to the thriller Tamara Zidansek only in the fight for the semi-finals. At Wimbledon, she was promoted to the third round thanks to victories with Alyona Bolsova and Julia Potentsoa.

Padusa won the junior career by Roland Garros in 2015. In professional tennis, she also made her debut in 2015. In Miami she played thanks to a wild card and reached the third round. She had to wait for the quarter-finals until 2018 (Rabat). In 2019, she reached the semi-finals in Palermo and debuted in the top 100 rankings.

I made more progress last season. She reached the semi-finals in Istanbul and the fourth round for Roland Garros. In Paris, she defeated two Grand Slam champions, Sloane Stephens and Gilia Ostapenko. In 2021, Badosa is not slowing down. In addition to the above results, she reached the semi-finals in Madrid as the first female Spanish singles player in history. In total, he has reached at least semi-finals in four tournaments since March.

You will encounter Linette and Badosa for the first time. The match is scheduled for Court 16 at 12:00 Poland time. However, the chances of it starting at this time are slim, because rain is expected in London and the forecast for most of the day is not optimistic. The meeting will be broadcast on Polsat Sport. The live text report will be made by the WP SportoweFakty portal. The winner of the fourth round will be played by the Czech Karolina Moshova or the Russian Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova.

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ChampionshipsWimbledon (UK)
Grand Slam tournament, grass field, prizes totaling 35 million pounds
Saturday 3 July

Third Ronda:
Court 16, from 12:00 Poland time

Magda Linate (Poland) Balance Sheets: 0-0 Paula Padusa (Spain, 30)
45 rating 33
29 age 23
171/59 Height (cm) / Weight (kg) 180/72
Right hand, back of the hand Game Right hand, back of the hand
Poznan Place of residence Bigor
David Celt Fitness Trainer Javier Marti
2021 season
8-8 (8-7) Credit for the year (main course) 9-25 (25-9)
Semi-finals in Strasbourg Best result in the main course Semi-finals in Madrid
1-0 tie breaker 5-6
35 asi 125
244 556 Earnings (dollars) 632279
Professional life
2009 Start 2013
33 (2020) TOP RANKING 33 (2021)
374-281 Professional Balance Sheet 256-142
2/2 Final Titles/Defeats (Main Series) 1/0
3045 564 Earnings (dollars) 1 501 837

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