The removal of Google Drive integration with Google Photos was a bit of a surprise as the company did quite a bit aura From a combination of these services. Users who previously added photos to Google Drive can easily view them in Google Photos, where it was possible to turn on their automatic transfer. The company’s recent steps not only eliminated this solution, but also included all images uploaded in the 15GB of free space, including those compressed to “high quality,” as Google describes it. The costs of Google cloud space are not high, but from a certain limit the monthly subscription can reach several tens of zlotys per month.

Google Assistant listens in on your data, records you, and then plays these recordings for employees

However, some users use Google services easily without incurring any expenses, and they will be provided with a new Google Drive app to be installed on their computers. It allows you to view and edit files from the level of Windows Explorer and Finder, as well as manage them very conveniently. The activities of the past weeks have also meant that the company will offer a more consistent interface to its services between regular users and businesses. Everything is referred to as Google Workspace, and thanks to that, the same good app will come within reach of consumers.

New Google Drive app

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