After more than two years of development, we received confirmation that one of the loudest battles of recent years will not be developed anymore. NetherRealm Studios is going to a different front.

The Mortal Kombat brand has been very noisy in recent weeks. This is mainly due to the movie which debuted in cinemas as soon as it opened (I highly encourage you to read our review). Another element is the recently announced animated series, which aims to develop a well known world and provide us with a lot of amazing battles.

Unfortunately, in this only positive information there is one that is likely to cause a lot of grief to some. As reported by the developers from NetherRealm Studios, the team will now focus on the next project, a Mortal Kombat 11 is no longer officially developed. This means we won’t see any more expansions or any new characters.

And while that might be bad news (you can find a lot of comments online about the fact that the roster of players still seems incomplete), you have to admit to the studio that they’ve been really intense support for over two years. So if they intend to devote themselves entirely to the upcoming projects, we hope this will be something worth the wait. And recently appeared Classics refresh theme!