Great Britain imposed additional sanctions on Roman Abramovich. And this causes a problem for Chelsea, which is owned by the Russian oligarch.

The UK authorities have published a list of Russian oligarchs who have been sanctioned. This, of course, is the result of Russian aggression against Ukraine. Among those sanctioned were Roman Abramovich, who was put up for sale a few days ago, among others, his property in London and the Chelsea club he has owned since 2003. However, he did not have time to get rid of everything.

Although there is no shortage of buyers for Chelsea, all negotiations have been put on hold. This is mainly due to the extension of sanctions against Abramovich, who is linked to Vladimir Putin. First of all, the sale of the club was frozen. Unless the Russian gives up the money he receives.

Moreover, the club now has to operate under special rules. It cannot, inter alia, buy or sell players. Selling, among other things, tickets (only holders of tickets or tickets purchased in advance will be able to enter matches) and club memorabilia. In addition, Abramovich’s offshore accounts have been frozen, which may affect Chelsea’s liquidity. Any proceeds from sponsors and partners will also be frozen.

Meanwhile, Chelsea are third in the Premier League. Manchester City lose 16 points to the leaders, but have two fewer matches (one will be played today – against Norwich City at 20.30, broadcast on + Sport 2). In addition, he plays in the 1/8 finals of the Champions League. In the first match against Lille, the “Blues” won 2-0, and the rematch the following week. Additionally, they will face Middlesbrough in the FA Cup quarter-finals on March 19.

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