Saturday is a day of protests in 80 cities and towns in Italy against the introduction of so-called green lanes, issued on the basis of certificates of vaccination, recovery from COVID-19 or a negative test result. The protests, which also included anti-vaccines, were organized under the slogan: “Green Corridor is slavery.”

On Thursday, the Mario Draghi government decided that Effective August 6, this card will grant everyone aged 12 and over access to indoor restaurants, to the theater and cinema, to participate in various sporting events, to enter the pool, gym, exhibitions, conferences, theme parks, bathrooms and arcades.

“A lot is said these days about freedom. And it’s done in a useful way,” the Italian head of diplomacy emphasized on social media. Luigi Di Maio emphasized that vaccination helps avoid exposure to loved ones.

The politician noted that 65 million vaccines have been made so far in Italy, and that about 30 million people, or 54 percent of the population, have completed them.

Di Maio then noted that only a quarter of a million people registered for vaccinations on Friday, following the government’s decision.

“This is a beautiful signal from the Italians, who have always responded admirably during the fight against the epidemic,” the head of the foreign ministry added. He believed that the vaccine was “the only antidote to a normal life”.

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