For several dozen hours, 450,000 followers have not found their favorite YouTube channel. note! Scientific gossip. Why did YouTube find a good popular science channel that doesn’t deserve to be on its site?

The channel has been run by Dawid Myśliwiec for several years, note! Scientific Picot was proof that YouTube is not just a monument to human stupidity. Easily provide comprehensive knowledge of chemistry, genetics, neuroscience, biology, physics and everything related to it. Even those who resist knowledge on YouTube can explore the world in a friendly atmosphere. The popular YouTuber accused viewers of a wealth of scientific information about what might interest the average Polish citizen. He talked about why masks protect against viruses, how vaccines work and what’s in the brain leftists, why lawyers. All this intriguing content disappeared as a result of the hacker’s actions and the thoughtlessness of YouTube’s management.

Why channel attention! Is Gibberish Scientific Banned?

On the morning of July 22, watch out! Scientific Gibberish has twice fallen victim to a cybercriminal. The hacker changed his name and started posting live videos encouraging him to send cryptocurrency. Perhaps the hack method was a web browser plugin and the author did not ignore the problem. Despite this, YouTube simply shut down the channel, and the situation has been going on for more than two days.

In his statement, David Milojic expressed his deep regret over YouTube’s policy, but some arguments for him are hard to deny. The channel was immediately blocked. No one even tried to check the reasons why suspicious recordings appeared on it. On the other hand, every YouTube user should be prepared for a similar situation. This is how YouTube’s regulations work and the portal may be entitled to similar traffic.

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What is left of algebra?

After YouTube stepped in, Scientific Gibberish didn’t quite go away. Dawid Myśliwiec’s second channel is available: Exclusively Scientific Gibberish and Przegadana Godzina podcast. They are interesting but fans of the channel attention! Scientific chatter can feel dissatisfied.

The exclusive science channel Bełkot consists of shorter material with a lot of self-promotion. It is also based on scientific curiosity and there is no place for a very extensive discussion of the issues at hand.

Play the video

If Google does not change their mind, only fans of the original format will be left the book published by the author. In terms of content, it is the closest to the range of topics covered on the blocked channel. Unfortunately, it’s a book that may disqualify it in the eyes of many recipients of multimedia content.

The other side of the coin is also the channel’s reach. attention! The number of subscribers to the scientific Bekot has reached about 450,000 subscribers. Only Scientific Babble has collected less than 150,000 of them. Transfer is possible and only requires adding a new subscription, but it will not be of interest to all channel fans. note! Scientific gossip. You’ll also find it in a deluge of material choppy suggested by You Tube.

# Return chatter: Is there any chance for the channel to return attention! Scientific gossip?

The topic is not necessarily buried. Similar bans for YouTube channels have already been removed, but the popularity is important here. Scientific Blabbark does not have a permanent audience of one million people, but it is enough to be sufficiently active. There is a campaign on the web #feature your opinion on the YouTube management decision that can help you. In the end, she covers herself by working for the good of society. However, society is people, so their opinion must be relevant.

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Posting a post or sending an email doesn’t cost anything. It is worth remembering that it is not a desperate YouTuber. They are exactly what we want to see. The situation is an embarrassment to YouTube, but accepting it silently means the platform’s recipients love it.

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