On Sunday, May 2, Kornelia Lesiewicz of AZS AWF Gorzów and ALKS AJP Gorzów, Natalia Kaksmarik led the Polish team to win a silver medal at the World Relay Championship in Chorzów – World Athletics Relays!

Kornelia Lesiewicz and Natalia Kaczmarek from Lubuskie County

Lesiewicz, who lives in Chwalęcice Pupil coach Sebastian Babuga, Anna Kaczmarek, coming from Górzysko Dresdenko circles, student coach Thomas Sasuke, First, on Saturday, they progressed to the final For the second time Then, on Sunday, she crossed the finish line again with a second score. Coming out to the consecutive finish, Kaczmarek, the current competitor of AZS AWF Wrocław, took fourth place, finishing the relay race for 23 years, but thanks to the colossal finish, she overtook the woman and Dutch athlete from Great Britain. Kubanki can no longer catch up, but this score with starting player Lesevic, 17-year-old, is an impressive feat. This increases because the approximate time for Kaczmarek is 50.59 seconds, which is at the level of the best in the ancient continent. It is instructive, because it is measured, as in the case of a relay race, from a rolling start.

– I believed in myself. I think it shows. I just keep focusing on doing my own thing. When I was running, I was thinking the whole time: “Turn on your own and don’t worry.” And somehow it works. I am very happy that we managed not only to defend the place, but also to take it to a higher level. We have a medal! – She said in an emotional interview for TVP Sport Kaczmarek.

– It was a beautiful tour !!! – Books on Facebook for Paruga. – The thumb shrunk and talent of these amazing girls. That gives us these wonderful feelings. Second place on our women’s World Athletics Relays in the 4x400m relay! Congratulations to the entire relay team and coaching staff. Special congratulations to Kornelia Lesiewicz, with whom I like to train every day. Great class!

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Our national team did not defend the title, But this success is greater because, unlike in other competitions, in the 4×400-meter relay, there were European stars at the start, such as Holland – with European indoor championship winner Fimk Ball – or the UK, with whom Polish women lost in Toruń in 2021. Of course, none of the teams participated in the strongest ranking. Ba Several teams due to, among other things, at risk of contracting the Coronavirus or potentially performing in the Tokyo Olympics, and have not appeared at the Silesian stadium.Like the USA or Jamaica, but in this event it was white and red who stood on the second agreed upon step from the podium. Contractual, because only winners of the unofficial world relay championship are honored. And the other is informal, because it is played all the time world Cup In athletics in all competitions, including relay races.

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Kornelia Lesiewicz and Natalia Kaczmarek A. Olympic Games

It does not alter the fact that this achievement is very happy, and our joy is reinforced by the attitude of the Lubuskie duo. After this year’s HME bronze medal, Lesiewicz and Kaczmarek, this time in an open stadium, confirmed that they would be competing for the Olympics until the end. Let us remind you Neither the former, who has just started from the national team, nor the latter, who have been a reserve until now, are the main members of this relay team.. The most famous people, like Justyna Święty-Ersetic, Iga Baumgart-Witan, Patrycja Wyciszkiewicz-Zawadzka or Anna Kiełbasińska, either have micro-injuries and aren’t afraid of getting worse, or are in the process of rehab after the injuries. From this team, thanks to which all of Poland heard of Poland coach Alexander Matusinski’s “angels”, only Małgorzata Hołub-Kowalik showed off her extraordinary skills this weekend. All this means Matusinski will face a major dilemma ahead of Tokyo. What’s more, this iconic world runner-up also included Karolina Zuzowska’s rounds in the final and Kinja Jacka in the qualifying rounds, which had better mentoring times than Lesiewicz (52.7s). In any case, If not for Lubuszanki, the “angels” would not fly high.

Partusz Zammarzlik from Stal Gorzów

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Home and garden of Stal Gorzów Highway racer Bartosz Zmarzlik in Kinice

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