Day 1 of the Matura Exam in 2021


About 271,000 graduates of high schools and technical colleges this year passed the written examination in Polish at the basic level on May 4. However, from at 2:00 pm, people who decided to adopt the Latin and ancient culture at the advanced level wrote their exam. These are the first exams in the May session of the Matura Exam, which will run until May 20.

This is the second year in a row that the matriculation exam is only in writing due to the epidemic. Only graduates who need a result of such an exam to enroll in foreign universities take the oral exams. During the exams, both students and teachers adhere to specific health guidelines developed by MEiN, CKE and GIS.

Examinations were carried out quietly, and were taken in every school.

During the Polish language examination, high school graduates for a period of 170 minutes had to solve problems in two worksheets: in the first – tasks to check reading ability with comprehension, in the second – the ability to create a longer written statement. The worksheet has been revised this year and graduates can choose the essay topic from among the three: two essays and an interpretation of the poem. In the letter, high school graduates had to refer to the literary texts included in the worksheet (“The Puppets” by Bolesław Prus or “The Promised Land” by Władysław Stanisław Reymont) and to selected other cultural texts. If they choose to interpret the poem, it is Piata Opertioska’s “Attic”.

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The examination papers used for this year’s Matura Exam will be published on the website of the Central Examination Committee and district examination committees according to the following schedule:

  • For tests starting at 9:00 – around the same day at 14:00,
  • For tests starting at 14:00 – on the same day around 19:00.

On Wednesday May 5th from. At 9:00 am, the graduates will face a written exam in mathematics, in the afternoon – a test in the history of music.

Matura exam schedule in the main session.

Material about the matriculation exam is available On the CKE website.

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