PS Plus users can now download the new products available as part of a subscription. The menu intended for players using PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 is quite interesting – the list includes Battlefield 5, among others.

PlayStation Plus is a service that is unparalleled in popularity among the PlayStation community. According to the last one Sony Financial Report47.6 million gamers are already paying for the subscription, which only confirms that Japanese game console users often decide to subscribe. Last year, 41.5 million users used PS Plus. It is also worth noting that Poles have the opportunity to check out the new benefit PS Plus Video Pass.

Last week, we reported on the portal about the latest Japanese subscription offer, while Currently, players can add products from May PS Plus to the list. Three titles are now available through the PlayStation Store:

The DICE shooter undoubtedly grabs attention in the list shown above. Although the creators avoided the official premiere of the new version of Battlefield, the next news about the game is the breach of public information – an item published by Electronic Arts. It can wait for the day and night cycle, among other things. The news is exciting and some photography enthusiasts may want to prepare for their debut this year.

Today we also reported new proposals under PS Now – In May, the service will launch with 3 different gamesWhich should satisfy the enthusiasts who need to struggle.