The return of the Italian GP to the world championship table is a good decision, because thanks to this the first round will take place in April. You still have to think about the tournament at the end of November, so that the conflict continues throughout the season.

Łukasz Kuczera

Maciej Janowski at GP

WP SportoweFakty / Arkadiusz Siwek / Pictured: Maciej Janowski at GP.

After the 2021 season, British BSI is depositing its role as promoter of the Speedway Grand Prix. Tournament tournament managers haven’t come up with anything innovative for years and have made the freeway more roundabout than developed. It suffices to look at the fact that large facilities in other countries have been gradually abandoned, shifting competition to more and more intimate and neglected facilities.

However, BSI should be commended for its decision to return the Italian Grand Prix to the World Championship schedule. Even if it isn’t a country teeming with highways, Terenzano’s weather means contestants will be able to race there without major hurdles in April. For the fans, that means extended competition in SGP, which is good news. The World Championships should not begin in mid-May, when Great Britain enters the track in March, and Poland at the beginning of April at the latest.

I assume that the return of the Italian Grand Prix to the calendar is a matter of the fact that in the spring of 2021, sporting events can still be held without the participation of the public. So it wouldn’t make any difference to the promoter who would place his cameras and organize the tournament. After all, he’s not going to make a profit selling tickets. Although the promoter company announced it will release information on tickets at a later time, I would be very surprised if the Coronavirus allows us to allow fans to enter the stands in Terenzano.

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There’s also one hole in the 2020 season calendar – it’s the date reserved for SGP in mid-June. I am afraid it will eventually be filled with a tour of Poland. A mode in which 4 of 11 rounds are organized by the Vistula River serves at best the tournament lawns, who have been collecting coconuts in the Poles for years. It is difficult to talk about strengthening discipline on the international stage, when more than 1/3 of the calendar consists of Polish championships.

As we know, we will meet the 2021 World Champion on October 2 in Toruń. It is very soon. It is worth considering the competing disciplines – Formula 1 competes in a normal non-epidemiological period through December, and MotoGP until the end of November. Meanwhile, motorcycle racing fans can only sigh at the Australian Grand Prix or the New Zealand Grand Prix, which was not so long ago on the SGP calendar.

It is impossible to effectively promote a tournament tournament if it lasts less than six months (May-October). Not enough for TV, sponsors and fans in new markets. They clearly don’t know this at the British Standards Institute, as they haven’t acted in this direction in years. It remains to be hoped that the heads of Eurosport Events, who will take over the Grand Prix from the 2022 season, are better aware of the matters.

There were rumors about the Saudi Arabia award recently. It feels like a utopia at the moment, but who knows what the new promoter of the World Motorcycle Championship will surprise us with. In the current situation, a step in the right direction would be at least a return to the Australian Grand Prix and the New Zealand Prize, and perhaps even the two championships simultaneously, because for logistical reasons this trip could be organized with one “throw”.

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So what should a perfect SGP calendar look like? It should start in April and end in the second part of November. This will give the fans the right dose of action, who will live the championship competition long enough. Going beyond Europe in the twenty-first century should be a natural thing. Other majors did that long ago.

Łukasz Kuczera

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