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The spike in Telegram downloads came after WhatsApp made controversial changes to its privacy terms that would allow it to do so. data usage Through other Facebook-owned apps and services.

Telegram head, Pavel Durov, reported the increase in app users on his Telegram channel. It also found that the app now has a total of around half a billion monthly active users.

Of course, Durow understands the reason for such a sharp rise in app downloads. “People no longer want to barter their privacy for free services,” he noted.

According to Duroff, Telegram has become the “biggest refuge” for people looking for a private and secure communication platform. He assured new users that his team “takes this responsibility very seriously”.

Telegram was founded in 2013 by brothers Pavel and Nikolai Dorov, who also founded the Russian social network VKontakte.

Messenger owners are said to be refusing to cooperate with the authorities and hand over the encryption keys, which has resulted in the app being banned in several countries, including Russia, which announced last year that it would lift the ban.

However, as we wrote today on the topic of the increase in the number of other Messenger users – Signal – they do exist Serious doubts About whether Telegram is really safe and independent.

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