Another passenger, who had waited for his pregnant wife in line for two hours, said he saw a man who had lost consciousness. Passengers also noted that the situation at the airport is inconsistent with all security measures taken regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

Britain’s Home Office on Saturday criticized border guards for standing in unacceptable queues at London’s Heathrow Airport.

“Throughout the pandemic, we have made clear that waiting lists can be longer as we ensure all passengers adhere to established procedures to keep Brits safe. However, a Home Office spokesperson said the extremely long waits we saw at Heathrow last night were unacceptable.

As he emphasized, this is one of the weekends of the year where passenger traffic is the highest. He also stressed that the border guards will work urgently to adapt the staff to the traffic in order to shorten the waiting time.

Heathrow Airport Authority’s reaction

The airport authorities apologized for the situation, but indicated that the reason for this was the insufficient number of border guards. – We deeply regret the unacceptably long queues of passengers in front of immigration officers due to the insufficient number of border guards on duty. An airport spokesperson said we have additional staff at Heathrow to help manage queues and distribute assistance to passengers, including water, but we need every immigration desk during rush hour.

It’s yet another weekend this summer when there is information that passengers at Heathrow are waiting for several hours in queues at border control.

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